Door Care and Maintenance Basics

Doors are essential to every home. They separate rooms and give a sense of privacy (like when you don’t want guests seeing your teenager’s messy room). Your home’s doors also protect you from the ever-changing weather. All in all, they’re a pretty important part of your home.

Because they’re so important, you need to make sure they’re in good shape. Here are some tips to ensure your door lives a long life through some routine maintenance.

Common Problems with Doors and How to Fix Them

From time to time, you may run into some problems with a door that you just can’t ignore.  Have no fear. When these common issues occur, you’ll know what to do.Checking a door for needed door care and maintenance.

How to Fix a Squeaking Door

If your door is squeaking, you’ll need to spray a silicone lubricant into the hinges. First, remove the hinge pins one at a time and wipe any grime off. Then, spray the pins and the hinges with lubricant. After spraying them, make sure to wipe off the hinges to ensure it doesn’t leave a mess on your door or doorframe.

How to Fix a Springing Door

Does your door pop back open when you’re trying to close it? If so, you’ve got a springing door problem

The first step in fixing it is to check that there is proper gapping on every side of the door. Check this on both sides of the doors. Chances are, the molding is pressing on the door, causing the springing motion. You can remove and replace the molding so it reaches the proper gap.

If your exterior door is springing, you’ll have to reset the door, since you cannot move the molding.

How to Fix a Loose or Broken Doorknob

Don’t panic if you find that your doorknob is loose – it’s typically a very easy problem to fix! All you need to do to remedy a loose doorknob is tighten up the screws. Be careful not to over tighten, as this can cause the doorknob to not operate properly.

If that doesn’t work, it might be time for an entirely new doorknob or handle. They’re easy to install. Pick one up at your local hardware store, and it will have instructions for installation…

Of course, to avoid problems, you should periodically check on your doorknobs and handles to make sure they’re nice and secure.

Maintenance for Sliding and Screen Doors

A sliding door is drawn across a groove or suspended track, rather than turning on hinges. Screen doors are a type of sliding door that let air in and keep pests out.

To maintain these types of doors, regularly wipe them down with soap and water, or glass cleaner. You’ll also need to check the track and rollers, so your door will slide with ease. To do so, pull the sliding door off of the track and lay it on a steady surface. Clean the rollers well, being sure to remove all dirt and grime. Then, vacuum the debris from the track and finish it off with a quick wipe down. Then lubricate the rollers and track with clean silicone – but don’t add too much. Place the door back onto the track and test shutting the door.

Maintenance for Hinged or French Doors

Hinged doors hang on two to three hinges. They swing either toward or away from you when opened. A French door is a particular style of a hinged door that has a glass pane throughout its length. French doors are typically made up of two doors.

As far as cleaning these types of doors goes, all you need to do is wipe them down on a regular basis. You can wipe them down with soap and water, or a glass cleaner.

You’ll also want to check door sweeps for any signs of wear and tear. Door sweeps are installed at the bottom of hinged doors to close up the small gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. They provide a weatherproof seal that prevents chilly drafts from entering your home.

Some Extra Tips…

Once a year, take the time to thoroughly clean your door, especially if it’s an exterior door. This will make sure your door stands up to the elements without damage. Also, when cleaning or repairing your door, avoid using abrasive tools that could scratch or dent it.

At Omega, we recommend using basic car wash solution and warm water to clean your door. After drying, apply a coat of regular Armor All to the exterior side of the door. The UV protection in the Armor All will help your door resist fading.

Even with routine maintenance, your doors may need replacing. When that’s the case, be sure to have an expert do the installation. After all, you pass through your home’s door everyday – you want the job done right.