Should You Replace Your Roof?

Every day, your roof is hard at work keeping you warm, dry and safe. When it’s time to repair or replace your roof, it’s usually pretty obvious. Maybe it leaks, or you notice water stains on your ceiling. Maybe your roof is missing shingles. What type of message is it trying to send you?

When you notice a problem with your roof, there are a lot of questions that arise:


— What kind of damage do I have?A roof that needs replaced.

— How much will this cost me?

— What type of roofing is the best?

They’re all important questions. Perhaps the biggest question, though, is “Has my roof reached the end of its life?” It’s a pretty loaded question. Before you can answer it and decide if you should replace your roof, you need to know exactly what’s going on with your roof.


What’s The Damage?

Mother Nature can be quite beautiful most of the time. But it can also cause some real damage to your home. Here are some signs your roof is ready for a replacement.

Check Your Shingles

The best place to look for signs of damage to your roof is the shingles:

— Shingles begin “curling” or “cupping”.

— Wrinkling of the roof underlayment or poor ventilation can cause your shingles to buckle.

— Shingles are cracked, sliding, or missing.

— Your gutters are filled with shingle granules.

Check the Inside of Your Home

A faulty roof has warning signs on the inside and the outside of your home. On the inside, look for water damage and leaking. Also, if you see light showing through your roof, you’ve got a problem!

Check the Outside of Your Home

In addition to damage from your shingles, there are a lot of external indicators it’s time to replace your roof. You should look for signs of moisture or mold. Also look for loose materials or excessive wear around your chimney and vents.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Roof

Your Roof is Old

Even if your roof doesn’t have an obvious sign of damage, it might still be time for replacement. If your roof is 20+ years old, it is time to replace it. It’s less costly to maintain your roof than to wait for the damage to set in.

While it is possible to repair a roof, keep in mind that the older the shingles, the more difficult it is to “tie in”. In many cases, the age of the roof prevents a proper repair, forcing your roofer to rely on roof cement and caulking to stop a leak. This is at best a temporary solution and should never be relied on as a permanent fix!

Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you selling your home? When you replace your roof, you’re adding value to your home.  Just like a fresh paint job, a new roof can make an older home look new again. It will attract and appeal to more buyers, especially because the longevity of a new roof means the new owner will not have to consider such a substantial project for a very long time.

Protect Your Home

Maybe you’re not selling, but you are doing a remodel or an extension of your home. No matter how major or minor the remodeling may be, you want to protect your investment. Replacing your roof can help prevent any damage to all the work and money you’ve put into your home.

How to Prevent Roof Damage

You should get your home professionally inspected twice a year; once in the fall and once in the spring. This is due to the drastic changes of weather throughout the year. A professional inspection could help you catch problems before they cause substantial damage.

You Need to Replace Your Roof…What’s Next?

Your home is space you share with your loved ones. Where you raise your kids, laugh with friends, put your head down to rest, and create so many memories. It is a strong structure that keeps you safe when Mother Nature isn’t being so kind. But what’s a home without a solid roof over your head? Take care of your roof and know when it’s time for a replacement!

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